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Build Your Brand Will Help You To...

* Increase your exposure so people know who you are before they ever visit your dealership

* Increase your traffic and leads asking for you rather than just going to anyone at your dealership

* Know which social media channels you need to be on and maximising on a consistent basis.

* The do's and don't of personal branding in a car dealership environment so you know exactly what will work, and stay away from the stuff that doesn't and only puts you in the firing line at your dealership. 
"You Can Be The Best Salesperson In The World, But If People Don't Know You, How Good Are You?"
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Strategies That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • How To Find New Customers By Profiling Your Ideal Customer, Finding Out Who They Are, What Social Media Platform They Are On, And How To Help Them The Quickest...
  •  What design elements are required to launch your brand in the next 24 hours
  •  How to create quality social media content that engages your audience and drives you traffic 
  •  How to nurture your customers better and create long lasting relationships with clients
  •  Social Media Strategies, Video Techniques, Content Creation & Having A Consistent Message PLUS MUCH MORE...
Written In An Easy To Read & Practical Way To Get You Implementing Right Away!
My Story
The last 2 years has turned my professional career on it's head...

From a salesperson who no one knew of at a small Hyundai dealership in Florida to Sales Manager of the 2nd largest used car dealership in the United States selling over 800 cars a month, and build a social media following of thousands, it's time to BUILD YOUR BRAND! 

It's time to get this book! 
Shawn Hays
What's Inside:
Section One: Find Your Customers! How To Find Your Ideal Buyers Without Cold Calling All Day

Section Two: Design Your Brand: What's needed to get your brand recognisable without spending thousands on designers & developers

Section Three: Social Proof How to get testimonials that work for you rather than just make you feel good

Section Four: Create Amazing Content How to create viral content that is engaging and entertaining

Section Five: Marketing & Lead Creation How to use organic and paid traffic to spread your reach

Section Six: Ongoing Branding Relationships How to build customers for life that follow you where ever you go!
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Jorge Escobar
“ I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have made a difference in my life. Not only to market ourselves differently but also to become a better person because by becoming a better person you become by nature a better salesman.”

“If it wasn't for Shawn Hays, there may very well of never been a SubaruSteve! The passion this man has for helping others is truly an example of what a man of integrity, who cares for others, is always trying to help others in all facets of life should be. Shawn continued to be a man of great character and a leader who leads from the front!” 

 Jeffery Lee Parton 
“After watching Shawn, my personal income from 2017 has increased over 35% and the cool part is I am valuable in the automotive industry because of it.”

Christopher Campbell
“Because of you, I look to use my experience and knowledge to help people grow in this business again by doing something that I previously had dreaded.” 
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